social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Nov 03, 2019

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed selfie in your social media posting.

I truly mean “power.” I say this from experience. Selfies get a ton of engagement on Instagram in particular and I think the element of human connection is why.

People want to connect with other people. They like seeing pretty photos of landscapes, flat lays or your home decor. But what they really desire is to connect with another human. We bond by looking into each other’s eyes, even if only through a screen. No, it doesn’t replace IRL interactions, but it’s the closest we can get otherwise.

Be brave! Take a selfie when you’re feeling good. I took this one after getting my hair done and after a very wonderful salesman at Ulta did my makeup while helping me make some decisions.

(Side Note: Is it just me or do you wander aimlessly until a salesperson comes to rescue you and tells you what you need? #guilty)

Then save that selfie for when you have a really important message you want your followers to hear. They will look into your eyes and take it in. They will remember it more readily than if you share with any other type of photo.

My message to you today: Sharing a selfie isn’t you saying “look at me.” It’s you being brave and caring enough about your followers to make a real connection. It’s you going first and inviting them into a deeper relationship with you.

This, after all, is our purpose on social media.