Separate Pages

Separate Pages

social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Nov 21, 2019

Question I got asked the most after speaking to a group of writers:

Do I need a separate page on social media to share my writing?

My answer: Yes

I understand how with any creative endeavor you would start sharing on your personal account, but when you want to make money with that passion project, it’s time to level up!

Think about it this way: Would you even question if you should open up a business page if you were a plumber? Or owned a bowling alley? No.

You need a designated place to share about your work, connect with your reader and invite people to buy into what you’re doing (figuratively but hopefully literally as well).

When it comes to Facebook, it’s technically against the terms of service to promote your business on your personal profile, so you need to open a Facebook page to share your work.

On Instagram there’s less of a distinction between a personal and a business account but I recommend converting your account to a “Creator” profile (it’s pretty easy to do it in the setting). This gives you a bunch of extra features, including stats.

Go forth and confidently share your work, creators!!