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Should I Include “Link In Bio” In My Instagram Caption?

social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Apr 04, 2022

What's Happening 

My mouth fell open when I read the findings of this report: “Instagram posts without the phrase ‘link in bio’ in their captions perform better than those with the phrase.”

The phrase “link in bio” or adding the hashtag #linkinbio has become part of the Instagram lexicon, signifying you want the user to go to your profile and click the link to access more information on the topic. The study was done to determine if including that phrase made your post perform better or worse.

Once I dug into the finding; however, I found that the difference in engagement between including and not including the phrase was ridiculously low. We’re talking about a difference of .01%.

I think it’s more a matter of user behavior. Sure, engagement is going to be lower if you tell them to leave the post and go click a link. They aren’t going to like or comment on it because you told them to do another action.

Use it for Your Business 

My recommendation: Every post needs a clear call to action. Use the phrase “link in bio” to tell them exactly what you’d like them to do next.

If you don’t like using that phrase, another CTA I love to use is “DM me for a clickable link.” People can get lost in the 2-3 clicks it takes to get to the correct link, especially if you give them a menu of options once they click the bio link.

If they DM you and ask for the link, you can make sure they have the correct link AND you’ve just started a conversation with them. You can follow up later and ask if they found the info useful or if have any questions you can answer.

They get one-on-one support from you and you get the opportunity to strengthen the relationship. #WinWin

Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is using “link in bio” in your caption worth your time?

Yes!: I give it 5 out of 5 thumbs up.

Clarity is kindness. Tell them exactly where to find more information. I can’t see how you could go wrong.

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