The Early Pinner Gets the Holiday Sales

The Early Pinner Gets the Holiday Sales

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What's Happening

Pinterest lets creators know how to bring in more sales during the holidays.


Use it for Your Business

There are two key elements to raking in those holiday sales: Start now and get the messaging right.

Step 1: Start early. In 2020, Pinterest reports 60% of holiday sales through pins occurred by Cyber Monday. Start more frequent pinning in September and October. By November, transition all your pins to your holiday campaigns/messaging.

Step 2: Know your holiday shopper persona. Chances are, you have one or more of these personas in your audience. Target your messages accordingly.

  1. The Early Bird – Don’t even try to be earlier than this bird! They are planning next year’s holiday before this one is even over. Their kryptonite: big discounts
  2. The Traditionalist – They stick to the same traditions year after year but are looking for some ideas on how to change it up this year… but not too much.
  1. The Self-Gifter – One for you, a few for me! They are the most likely to respond favorably to messages to “treat yourself!”
  1. The Rookie Host – With many choosing to stay home for the holidays again this year, rookie hosts are looking to establish their own signature style.
  2. The Shipping-First Shopper – Whatever keeps these shoppers out of the stores and cozy at home will win their vote!
  3. The Next-Level Party Planner – “Over the top” doesn’t exist for this host with the most. You’ll win their heart with maximalist style and better-than-last-year’s version of anything.


See Pinterest’s article for more info on each persona.

A bonus tip from me: To find out which of these personas are in your audience, ask them! Send out a survey or poll on social media now so you can be prepared.


Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is pinning early for holiday promotions worth your time?

YES!: I give it 5 out of 5 thumbs up.

I have never regretted one minute of advance planning, ever. Stress levels are lower and chances of success higher. Planning early is always and forever a good idea.



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