The Swipe Up was Swapped Out

The Swipe Up was Swapped Out

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What's Happening

I honestly didn’t believe it would happen. The rumors flew around for months. I held off even allowing myself to think about it until it actually showed up in my account.

For years, the one feature that separated the haves from the have-nots was the Instagram Swipe Up. The Swipe Up allowed the account owner to link an Instagram Story to an external webpage but was only available to accounts with 10,000+ followers.

The feature is a big deal because we only get one link on Instagram in the bio section. You can’t direct people to specific products or services on your website or elsewhere. You have to do all sorts of gymnastics to provide your people with a specific link. You have to create special web pages with link directories and constantly tell people “the link’s in my bio.”

Instagram announced last week that it’s officially rolling out a link sticker to ALL users. They nixed the Swipe Up feature for various reasons Instagram head Adam Mosseri explains here and replaced it with a link sticker that, when clicked, sends people to any web page you want.

Use it for Your Business

You don’t have to have the swipe up feature to drive traffic, but it makes things a heck of a lot easier! The sticker eliminates one huge barrier, sending your followers to the exact place you want them to go. They won’t get lost or distracted clicking to your profile and then clicking your link and then finding the link they were looking for. That’s at least 3 clicks with lots of room for error. 

Tips for using the link sticker:

  • Use a free link shortener like Bitly if you have a long URL. (This tip courtesy of my content manager, Leah!)
  • Once you’ve placed the link sticker, you can tap it for different color options.
  • Affiliate marketing is now a breeze! Use your affiliate links with wild abandon in Stories.
  • Create highlights that include your must-use links.

Relevancy Rating

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's worth your time: Is the red flag trend worth your time?

SURE!: I give it 4 out of 5 thumbs up.

If you have myths to bust, it’s worth a shot! The time commitment is low and you’ll boost your Insta cred.


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