ep00 - Welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show

show Jan 12, 2021

Grow your social media to grow your business.

Hi, I'm Megan Ericson. I'm a social media marketer, minimalist, and Enneagram One. My superpower is cutting through the social media clutter to show you what's clickable content and what's wasting your time.

If you're overwhelmed with building a following for your business or frustrated about not getting the results you want, then this show is for you!

Follow along as my weekly episodes give you one straightforward step at a time to consistently post, get more followers, and actually make money from your social media!

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Let’s Connect on Social



You want that Swipe Up feature on Instagram. You want someone to ask questions during your live streams. Scratch that, you’d love for someone to actually show up to your live streams. You get super excited if you get a DM. You post and post and post on social media, but no one seems to pay attention.

You wonder what you’re doing wrong. You give up for a little while and then you beat yourself up for not being interesting enough. You post each time secretly hoping this one will be the viral post that brings them to you in droves. Something has got to change or you’re going to quit altogether. I mean, social media is for entertainment, right? But all it causes you is frustration and overwhelm. You think: maybe I’m not cut out for this business.

Hi, I’m Megan, and I’m here to help. If you’re an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, mompreneur, any one of the -preneurs! Basically, if you are a personal brand passionate about growing your business through social media, this show is for you. 

First off, I want to say that it’s not your fault if your followers aren’t growing like gangbusters. You weren’t trained for this! I bet you’re amazing at the service you provide or the products you make are top-notch. That’s your area of expertise. You’re not a marketer. But I am. I’m a social media marketer. I’ve been a marketer for over 15 years and began specializing in social media for over a decade now.

I create over 100 posts each week for my clients that are posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and even TikTok. And, I manage a team of social media specialists for the online writing community called hope*writers. Hello to my fellow writers out there!

I don’t want to make it sound like I have it all figured out because social media is changing all the time, which means I’m constantly learning and experimenting to find out what works. I’m starting this show hoping we can learn and experiment together.

A few things I’m really excited to explore in this weekly show:

What growth strategies work to get you to 10,000 followers on Instagram? I’ve helped my clients get past this milestone but I haven’t achieved it on my personal Instagram account. I’m going to try out a new growth hack each month and invite you along to try with me. We’ll cheer each other on and report on our findings.

Secondly, I want to explore how we best find our people, our tribe on social media. And what are the best ways to talk to them online? Everyone says you have to “know your audience” but how do you do that? One of my favorite tools is the Enneagram. I am a certified Enneagram coach and I want to find out the connection between your personality type and what motivates you to act on social media. If you’re a Type 5, where do you hang out? Are you most likely to send me a DM or click the link in my profile. These are the questions I hope to answer through conversations with each type.

And Thirdly, I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained about the very practical how-tos of social media. How often to post? How to share your blog post or podcast episode each week? Or, what’s worth your precious time to invest in? I’m asked these questions all the time and I’d love to give you answers. 

What can you expect from this show? Let me sum it up for you. I’m going to walk you through the three key elements of social media marketing. We’re gonna learn how to know, show, and grow. 

Know your audience.

Show you can solve their problems through your posts.

Grow your followers.

Know, show, and grow. It’s as easy and as hard as that.

This is Megan’s Social Media Marketing Show. Stick around and learn with me. This is going to be fun!!