This Week in Social Media Marketing - What To Do On Social When Your Business Is In Transition

What To Do On Social When Your Business Is In Transition

business social media social media marketing Apr 24, 2023

What's Happening 

My business is in transition. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, but nothing I can announce publicly yet.

Unlike large companies working on big transitions or preparing to launch new products, entrepreneurs often don’t have the resources to keep everything going externally while also doing the important work internally. And that’s okay.

I'm sharing what I'm doing to bridge the gap in case you find yourself in a similar position.


Use it for Your Business

Ask yourself: What’s the best use of my time and energy right now?

Your time is your most valuable resource and social media demands time to maintain. In fact, I started this newsletter to help you discern what’s worth your precious time on social and what you can let go – guilt-free.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I ask myself this question daily. The answers have changed significantly in the midst of this transition: I need open brain space to dream and brainstorm. I need to play with new ideas. I need rest.

Notice that the best use of my time right now doesn't include marketing my business, which is how I use social media.

I have a social media manifesto for mompreneurs I live by, and encourage all my clients to do the same. One of these statements is:

Social media works for me, not the other way around.

Social media is a marketing tool, and I determine how and when to use it for my business. I’m not a slave to the algorithm. I use it to my advantage when I need it.

I understand there is a fear when you slow your marketing and social media posting. You worked so hard to get there and don’t want to lose all the algorithmic gold stars you’ve earned.

However, if your goal of being on social media is to grow your business, but you need to work on your business to have products to grow, or you're in the middle of big changes to the structure of your business – that is the best use of your time right now.


What to do on Social When Your Business is in Transition

1. No announcement needed
Prepare to clutch your pearls: People don’t notice when you take a break from social. Only 3-5% of your audience sees your posts at any given time. Even your most loyal followers won’t notice for a while, if at all. Creating a post that announces you will be gone alerts them to this fact and you run the risk of them unfollowing. No shade if you’ve done the announcement post before, but I don’t think it's necessary.

2. Recycle evergreen content
You’ve already created wonderful content your audience loves. Simply look at your insights and pick the most popular ones to recycle. Schedule them to post while you’re focusing on your most important work. I guarantee no one will “out” you for recycling content. In fact, they’ll thank you for the reminder! #WinWin

Don’t feel the need to keep up your same posting pace, either. If they only hear from you one or two times per week, that’s okay. You’re keeping your spot warm for when you return.

3. Announce with a plan
Don’t announce and bounce! Wait to announce your next steps until you have a marketing plan and the corresponding assets ready to go. 

People will have questions and you want to be prepared to answer them. Create an FAQ doc you either utilize as you get DMs or post publicly.

If you’re launching a new product or service, the announcement post is the first one of the new campaign. Have the next ones scheduled and ready. Launching is all-consuming. Rarely do you have the energy to create marketing material as you go.


My Next Right Thing

To borrow a phrase from my mentor and friend, Emily P. Freeman, I’ve determined my next right thing while my business is in transition.

I’m taking a break from these weekly trend reports to give me the space to dream, brainstorm, play, and rest.

I will also be quieter on social media.

I anticipate this period will last through the summer. Rest assured, when I’m ready to make any announcements, you’ll be the first to know!


Resources for Social Media News

I don’t want to leave you without resources for social media news. Following are my favorites:

  1. Social Media Today: The only news outlet dedicated solely to social media. I don’t trust a rumor until they report on it. Subscribe to their newsletter, but I would recommend the weekly recap instead of the daily, which can get overwhelming.
  2. Social Media Examiner: SME has the pulse on what’s new and next in the social media marketing industry. Plus, they have industry experts publish articles with valuable advice from lessons learned in the field. I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter.
  3. Jenn’s Trends: Jenn Herman has been serving up social trends for 10 years and, let me tell you, she never misses! Be sure to get on her email list. You don’t want to miss her monthly recaps.
  4. Mosseri: Follow Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, for all that’s happening with the platform. He releases a weekly video, hosts a weekly Q&A on his stories, and gives tips on his broadcast channel.


Thank you for trusting me to show up in your inbox weekly. I don’t take that privilege lightly.

See you on the socials,