Yes, But…

social media social media for creatives social media for entrepreneurs social media marketing Nov 02, 2019

Whenever I tell people it’s possible to steadily grow a community on social media, I hear all kinds of “yes buts”:

Yes but:

🍁Yes but self-promotion feels gross.
🍁Yes but the algorithm doesn’t like it when…
🍁Yes but it takes too much time to do all that posting.
🍁Yes but I can’t keep up with all the new technology.
🍁Yes but I just can’t deal with all that negativity online.

These yes buts drive me crazy. You see I have a dual degree in communications and dance, which means I spent a fair amount of time in the theatre. There is a rule in theatre improvisation I just love: it’s the “Yes and” rule.

Whenever you’re improvising a scene with another actor and you don’t like the scene they just set up for you, you’d have to stop everything to argue with them. That’s not allowed.

You take their contribution and instead of saying “yes but,” you say “yes and.” You accept the truth they just gave you and move on.

Let’s turn those “yes buts” of social media into “yes ands” today. It’s a much more positive approach to life and gets us out of the excuse rut.

Yes and:

🍁Yes and every post can be in service to my followers.
🍁Yes and I can focus instead on creating content my followers wants.
🍁Yes and I don’t have to be on all the things all the time.
🍁Yes and I can take my time. There is no rush.
🍁Yes and I can choose who I allow in my feed.