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About Megan Ericson LLC

Megan Ericson LLC is a social media marketing company run by, me, Megan. We offer a variety of services including ongoing social media posting for clients, individual and group coaching for businesses, and digital courses and downloadable resources.
Our coaching clients are primarily, but not exclusively, female entrepreneurs or small business owners. Many are mothers trying to grow their side hustle while they work full-time jobs or care full-time for their children.

About Megan's Social Media Marketing Show

Helping you grow your social media following to grow your business.

The audience is entrepreneurs and small business owners who need help building their social media following so they can generate more leads for their business. The show begins live on Instagram and then the audio is used for the podcast.

Our Team 

We value supporting female entrepreneurs.

 The Megan Ericson LLC team is comprised of remote team members who are all female entrepreneurs; however, you don't need to fall into this category to apply.

The Application & Hiring Process

1. Application Submission

Fill out the application form linked below each open position. Once you apply, you’ll get an automatic email confirming that we received your info. Thank you!

2. Application Review

Within 2-10 business days of applying, we will contact you to say either:

“We'd like to move forward with your application to the next stage.”


“Thank you so much for applying. Your skills are not a fit for this position, but we wish you all the best.”

3. Interview Process

You will be notified if you're selected for an interview. You may also be given a task to complete (you'll be paid for this).

4. Position Filled

Once the position you applied for is filled, we will notify you and every other applicant, too. We won’t leave you hanging and wondering what’s going on.

Open Positions

No Open Positions 

There are no open positions at this time.

However, is there a way you could contribute to the team?

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