Never Run Out of Things to Say on Social

Showing up on social media can feel like a full-time job. But you’ve got a business to run and people to care for. You can’t afford to waste time spinning your wheels for the algorithm. That’s why you need The Rhythm Social Media Planner. 

The Rhythm Planner eliminates the guesswork. It helps you identify what you need to say and when you need to say it, freeing up your time to spend on the work you love.


With the Rhythm Planner, social media isn’t out to get you.

Plan Your Content
The Rhythm Planner doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to helping you plan your social media content. It offers a foolproof way to identify what themes to focus on every week, month, and quarter.

Set Your Schedule
Having great content is only half the battle. You have to share it! The Rhythm Planner walks you through your content categories so you can create a schedule template you can use every week.

Engage Your Audience
Build that “Know, Trust, and Like” factor by always engaging with your audience. The Rhythm Planner teaches you how to create a purposeful engagement habit, so you’ll never be tempted to post and ghost again!

Because of the Rhythm planner, I've posted 3 times already this week, I have two more ready to go, and it's been fun!!! Planning the months week-by-week ahead of time has been the game changer. And writing a long-form piece gave me content all week! Thank you!!!!
– Dawn Palsgrove

Meet The Rhythms


A foolproof way to set yourself up for success by planning your content quarterly, monthly, and weekly.


The crucial step you need before you break out the calendar. You’ll walk through an exercise to determine your post categories and create your scheduling template. The planner also includes guidance on finding a social media scheduler to meet your needs.


The worst thing you can do is post and ghost your followers! You’ll learn how to create a purposeful engagement habit that is 0 percent cringe-y and 100% appreciated by your followers.

This guide has helped me to organize, structure, and plan out content for both of my accounts in a smart, strategic, and easy way.
– Morgan Strehlow

How it Works

Getting into the rhythm of (consistent) social media marketing takes time. The Rhythm Social Media Planner fast-tracks the process.

Here’s how:

 Step #1: Get familiar
Watch the 30-minute instructional video that walks you through the planner before writing your first caption. It will help you discover ways to connect your content across the calendar. Then, either print your planner out or use the digital copy in Google Drive.

Step #2: Get on theme
Discover how the right theme for your brand can inform everything you say on social and allow you to serve richer content that meets your audience’s needs.

Step #3: Get organized
Schedule your social posts without feeling like a robot. The Rhythm Planner helps you find the right posting cadence, or rhythm, for your brand.

Step #4: Get results
Launch your newly created plan for social media and watch how your new consistent messaging and posting schedule resonates with your audience.


30-Minute Instructional Video

Purchase of the planner includes a video training walking you through the planner, how to use it, and the strategy behind it.

Hi, I’m Megan Ericson.

In my 20 years of marketing experience, nothing has been more exciting than the ability to connect person-to-person online. And now I get to help others grow their businesses through social media!

As a female entrepreneur and mom, I’ve had to create systems that I can keep up with. Not what the influencers say works for them. I tried and failed over and over to make that work for me.

I discovered the key to sustainable, consistent content creation for social media. And I’m thrilled to share it with you!

The system is easy to use and flexible for any industry. I use it with all my clients, from authors to EdTech companies to coaches to online boutiques.

The Rhythm Social Planner will help you plan, schedule, repurpose and engage on social media without sacrificing your entire day. Because you’ve got people to help, a business to run, and a life outside of work to live.

The planner has helped me post with greater intention, enabling me to serve my readers better! 
– Colette Eaton

The Rhythm Social Media Planner


a $97 value!

  • 23-page downloadable PDF guide
  • Instructions on how to create your social content, schedule, and engage once posted
  • Printable worksheets for quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning
  • Links to Google Sheets versions of each worksheet
  • Instant download to start planning your social content now!
  • BONUS: 30-minute instructional video

Megan's Rhythm Social Media Planner has given me focus and ease around creating social media content for both of my growing brands – no more last-minute grappling for ideas or sharing content that doesn't serve my audience or match my brand!
– Carrie K. Miller, writer and email marketer


Get the 23-page downloadable guide that ensures you’ll never run out of social content to post again!