Megan's Social Media Marketing Show

Megan's Social Media Marketing Show

Hosted by: Megan Ericson

Get more social media followers one simple step at a time. Host Megan Ericson is a social media marketer, minimalist, and Enneagram One. Her superpower is cutting through the social media clutter to show you what's...


ep#41 - Your Enneagram Type on Social Media

Season #1 Episode #41

How does your Enneagram type affect how you show up on social media as a creator and community builder? Listen in to find out! In this episode, we cover: ✔️ Each Enneagram type as a leader ✔️ Super powers of each type...
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ep#40 - Social Media Trends to Know for May

Season #1 Episode #40

Listen in as I have three questions that I will answer to help you create your social posts in May. In this episode I cover:  ✔️Should you post about The Slap?  ✔️Does including “link in bio” hurt engagement? ✔️Are...
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ep#39 - Creating Your Biggest Possible Audience

Season #1 Episode #39

Hello and welcome to Megan's Social Media Marketing Show and boy, do I have a treat for you. In this episode I am chatting with Becky Robinson, author of Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message,...
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ep#38 - How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Season #1 Episode #38

As social media marketers, we are made to feel that we have to keep up with all the things all the time, but who has time for that!?   I'll tell you why it’s important for your business that you have a presence on...
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ep#37 - Social Trends to Know for April

Season #1 Episode #37

If your engagement is down, it's not just you! Listen in as I cover the trends you need to know while creating your social media content for April. In this episode, I cover: ✔️ What do to when engagement is down ✔️...
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ep#36 - How to Get More People to See Your Posts

Season #1 Episode #36

What's the secret sauce to gain favor with the algorithm and get your posts seen by more people!? I'll tell you! In this episode, I cover: ✔️ Nailing down "who" your audience is ✔️ What you can control about the...
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ep#35 - Social Trends to Know for March

Season #1 Episode #35

Use these trends to grow your social to grow your business: ✔️ Get free tips from your competitors ✔️ Decide how to share personal updates on your business account ✔️ Social stats to track in 2022 To get the full show...
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ep#34 - How to Manage Two Instagram Accounts

Season #1 Episode #34

Listen in on my live coaching session on how to handle multiple accounts without it feeling like a juggling act!   Monet Carpenter reached out to me asking how to manage creating content for both of her Instagram...
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ep#33 - January in Social Media Marketing

Season #1 Episode #33

Welcome to January in Social Media Marketing! I will record these episodes once a month to give you more actionable, on-trend information that you can use in your social media life right now.   Three trends to watch...
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ep#32 - How I Grew 10k Followers in a Year

Season #1 Episode #32

Tina spills all on how she grew her account to over 10,000 follows!   @tinareale was part of my 10 Months to 10K Instagram Challenge group in 2021, and it’s been thrilling to watch her account grow authentically and...
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ep31 - Know Your Customer on Social Media: Enneagram Type Three

Season #1 Episode #31

I’m delighted to {virtually} sit down with Erin Moon to talk about how Enneagram 3s experience social media.   I’m on a mission to discover what the Enneagram can teach marketers about the personality of their one,...
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ep30 - Trends to Know for Social Media in 2022

Season #1 Episode #30

Tired of talking about the holidays on social media already? Start planning ahead! I'm kicking off December with FOUR trends to know to set yourself up for social media growth in 2022! To get the full episode show...
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