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My mission is to help you grow your social media following to grow your business.

I'm a marketer with decades of experience. 

My superpower is cutting through the social media clutter to show you what's clickable content and what's wasting your time.

I can coach you one-on-one or in a group setting. Or, I run my own consultancy firm to provide the strategy and content your business needs to succeed.

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A Social Media Manifesto for Mompreneurs

I abide by the following declarations when creating social media content, advising my clients, and coaching business owners.

1. I’m on social to be an influence, not an influencer.
My purpose is to grow my social media following to grow my business, not achieve fame or notoriety.

2. Social media works for me, not the other way around.
I remember that social media is a marketing tool, and I determine the best ways to use it for my business. I am not enslaved to the algorithm but do what I can to keep it happy.

3. I believe meaningful growth is slow growth.
Viral is a condition, not something to seek out on social. Consistently showing up for my people over time is the way to grow an engaged community of followers on social media.

4. I lead with vulnerability.
Every time I hit post, I am courageously growing and leading a community of social media followers. As Brene Brown teaches, I show leadership by vulnerably sharing my story first, then inviting them to do the same.

5. My message isn’t for everyone, but there is an audience for my message.
I bless and release the followers who aren’t my ideal customers. My products or services aren’t for them, and that’s okay.

6. I serve first, sell second.
Building trust on social media starts with getting to know and like me. I won’t scare away my potential clients or customers by selling to them before gaining their trust.

7. Numbers guide my success but are not a determination of my worth.
I know what I can control and I don't base my success on what I can't. I know what numbers are important to reach my goals and focus on those.

8. I am optimistic about trends and changes to platforms.
I realize platforms are businesses, too. They are making the best decisions they can for the growth of their own companies, not trying to sabotage mine.

9. I prioritize posting over perfection.
I won’t let perfection get in the way of posting consistently. Every post cannot be exceptional. Posting matters more than not.

10. I believe there is no competition, only collaboration opportunities.
I believe in the abundance of the exponential exposure collaboration provides, not the scarcity and fear a competition mindset promotes. I can only benefit from working with others in my industry.

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